Our Principle of Satisfaction Honesty Our Understanding

We have MEDA. MEDA is to be the last companions for our customers and to travel long distances with them.
For this purpose, T.P.S. (TURNKEY,PROCESS,SOLUTION) was implemented. We named the work we have done and will do.

In the mechanical installation industry; While providing turnkey process solutions; We offer purchasing services in a professional manner, in terms of project design, planning, selection and supply of suitable products.

It is an undeniable reality that energy needs are increasing rapidly every day. Although it is known that existing energy resources or alternative resources are not unlimited, even if we accept that they are unlimited, every energy produced, especially environmental factors, has a cost for us and our future. For this reason, as TPS, we aim to contribute to our country and the whole world with our solutions for the most efficient and effective use of energy. For this reason, it is our indispensable goal to guide your most economical purchasing processes for the right projects, plans and products with our human resources who have the right thinking and acting structure.
Our company always defends its founding values, aims, goals and objectives in a principled and consistent manner and focuses on reaching organizations with which it can build bridges of love all over the world.
We are proud and honored to be the passengers of a never-ending road by transferring the experience and future perspective we brought from yesterday to our people on this journey that we started from Bursa in 2020.


Our Values


T.P.S; It adopts and implements "zero tolerance" policies on bribery and corruption, taking as reference the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) and the World Economic Forum Partnership Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) documents.

Respect and trust are essential at T.P.S. Within the framework of this principle, a transparent and accountable relationship is established and all communication strategies and policies are developed within this framework; Relevant stakeholders are also expected to respect T.P.S.'s ethical values on the basis of reciprocity.

T.P.S.; continues its commercial activities in full compliance with the Republic of Turkey (T.R.) and international laws and regulations; While fulfilling legal obligations regarding all kinds of activities, it maintains an impartial and equal distance from all institutions and organizations.

T.P.S.; It is aware that sustainable development, economic growth and efforts to increase the level of welfare can only be achieved by protecting the environment and improving the quality of life of the society.

T.P.S.; As a requirement of reputation management, it acts with a spontaneous sense of responsibility in (i) compliance with ethical values, (ii) relations with its stakeholders, (iii) and the requirements of business conduct.